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Are you a professional dancer looking to find some new castings? Then Skillzcard is for you! Meet new agencies and other artists from all over the world, Search for jobs and find your next casting. Also enjoy the support of a huge artist pool and community. Apply now for the current castings as a dancer and show the world your moves! 

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Use our unique portal for castings and jobs and communicate in a network full of professional artists. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced dancer  – take your chance and find the right casting for you, throughout Germany and abroad. We connect you globally with countless artists and agencies.

Become a dancer and work all over the world

Dancing is your great passion, which you would like to turn into a profession and earn a living with? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Skillzcard we support your journey to become a booked professional dancer and work all over the world. Create your SKILLZCARD in no time, search for suitable dancer jobs and collaborate with artists and agencies all over the world. Turn your passion into a career now. Combine training, travel and passion to create unique moments.

Dancer Casting - Q&A’s

A good feeling for the body, a sense of rhythm, stamina and mastery of the respective dance styles are just some of the qualities that a dancer should have. It is also advisable to have good comprehension skills in order to be able to memorise choreographies well, plus a professional attitude that makes you a pleasure to work with! You should be well trained, disciplined and able to work well with other dancers and choreographers.

You are born to dance! But a foundational level of skill is important, so good training is absolutely necessary. Professional experience is not a must as a dancer, but you should be prepared to meet industry standards. The casting should suit your level so that you can approach it with good self-confidence, so make sure to read the requirements well before applying.

You don’t need to present a dance education certificate or a dance degree to apply for jobs here at Skillzcard. However, you must meet the required industry standards. But if you are interested in dance training or dance education, the following information might help you:
In a dance degree programme, for example, you will basically learn scientific and practical content in modern dance, music,
dance and art studies, choreography and acting. You are welcome to take examples of specific teaching content from the
headings below:

  • Selection: Variation, etude, foreign language
  • Stage project (research, rehearsals)
  • Addition: voice training, singing, acting
  • International dance forms
  • Body work (dance medicine, body awareness)
  • Artistic process: history of dance, art, music, stage production, choreography, composition, dramaturgy, stage law
  • Music theory for dancers
  • Professionalisation (stage technology, marketing)
  • Dance and choreographic projects
  • Dance technique (modern, contemporary and classical dance, pointe, pas de deux, jumps, improvisation)
  • Dance education
  • Dance studies
  • We are big supporters of dance training/education and can provide a list of dance quality educators, schools, collages and workshops to study dance upon request and support you on your dance education journey.
  • And it is important to know that often the choreographer and or agency who is casting will check where and how long you were trained before hiring.

Create your SKILLZCARD in no time, find the latest castings for dancers that suit you and apply for your big chance today!

The dancer salary is usually included and visible in all dancer casting posts. In addition, it is always important to check if travel and accommodation are covered or not and if any agency fee’s apply. Don’t feel bad to ask these questions! It is vital to always clear this before signing a contract or agreeing to a job.

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