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The profession of modeling has many interesting aspects. One of the great advantages of being a model is, for example, traveling and meeting new people. You can also start out as a part time model on top of an existing career or education. Sharing your personality and passion while earning some money on the side! 


Use our unique portal for current model jobs and communicate in a networked community full of artists and models. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced professional model, you can find the right model casting and work with countless artists and agencies who share your passion for modeling.


Many people think you have to be exceptional, tall and slim to be a model. But that is absolutely not true. Modeling is widely diversified into various categories. For this reason, pretty much anyone with the talent and desire can become a model. Many clients and agencies are also constantly on the lookout for model types who do not fit into the classic model box. A positive charisma, professional attitude and naturalness are of course bonus points that can have a positive effect on model castings and jobs.

To be a photo model there are no height requirements! However, there are also model jobs that explicitly look for smaller or plus-size models. For the catwalk and to work for some designers height is a necessity, but also not always a must, make sure to always read the requirements in the model castings.

As already mentioned, there are so many different requirements for different jobs. For high fashion and international fashion shows and campaigns, the strictest requirements apply in terms of proportions and body size. The British AMA (Association of Model Agents) lists 90-60-90 (in cm) as the ideal model measurements for catwalk models. Many other sources, however, give a range of 81cm – 86cm for breasts, 66cm for waist and around 89cm – 91cm for hips.

Finding your speciality and being able to represent that uniquely is what will get you the job!

The payment in the model business varies from job to job and always depends on the respective client, the specific model job and its requirements. But remember to always check the details where exactly and how long your pictures can be used, and what the buyouts (payment) for the rights of your pictures are, before agreeing to a job! 

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