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Frequently asked questions (faq's)

It’s us! Alec and Deniz, we’ve been artists for over 15 years now and working on Skillzcard for  3 years. We launched the first version of Skillzcard in March 2020, the platform from artists for artists coming from the bottom of our hearts!

Skillzcard is not an agency, it’s a platform for agencies, artists, models, schools and clients around the world to connect, inspire, book or get booked, exchange information and manage your career.

We make it very simple to educate, advertise, share and sell your service as an artist, and on the other hand be highly accessible for all people to book you from any part of the world. We strive to continue to make this possible! you can think of us as a kind of global “UBER” for creatives!

No, not only that!

It’s a platform to inspire, exchange information, educate and help others.That’s all possible through the social media function, called the Skillzwall. Simply post anything and you will get help from other professionals. Or maybe you will be the one who helps someone else and they help someone in return.We think through this mentality we can generate more jobs, get better paid, have happy clients and agencies and a very fair industry for all involved in showbiz!! 

Think of us as your digital business partner who is always there for advice, support and help when you need it, on your wrist, in your pocket or on your desk!

We have also started to build our own charity with the goal of supporting artists in need during difficult times.

Skillzcard registration and basic account is free and will always remain free! You can upgrade to a pro user to unlock more features. See more

We also take no commission on jobs booked through our platform or any kind of agency fees!

It’s for all levels of artists, we are encouraged to inspire and lead you in the right direction for the appropriate stage of your career.

The aim is to create a platform where the pioneers help to educate the upcoming generation of budding artists. We want to add a huge value to the market such as pricing orientation for your services, legal advice and other useful tools specified to artists.

I truly think we depend on each other In this case, if we receive help we can in return help others pass on the trend! Together we will grow a stronger, more solid and protective industry to work in!

We believe if you combine different artists (example: singers, actors, musicians, painters) magic can and will happen! Exploring these new collaborations is vital to the growth of art.

Don’t you think the time has come to help each other learn? Even the cooperations between different artists, for example an artist/model photographer szenario updating the portfolio, where the photographer profits from it and the model/artist also. Skillzcard makes these kinds of connections easy because all our members are verified professionals. 

And new genres are always welcome to join Skillzcard. (contact us if your profession is not included on the site)

The main focus is connectivity! Helping all talented individuals have the chance to find the right job/mentor/for the right occasion at the right time. Sharing your requests and responding to other people’s requests through Skillzcard makes this all possible.

We want to ease the process of building your business in different regions, or moving into other genres of show business or even supporting the move to other countries.

We help you manage your business all from one place keeping important information easily adaptable and accessible from all devices. 

Agencies can also find new talents and they can use Skillzcard as SAAS for their agency.

Skillzcard is currently based in Germany but acts globally. It’s an online platform, so anyone from around the world has access to it and is welcomed to join!

Everyone should have access to the best artists, for entertainment, learning and inspiration!! 

Art should travel freely around the world and inspire everyone in a positive way in all lands. 

Our goal is to have members from every area of this wonderful world, seeing them connect and cooperate from diverse cultures over continents is our dream!

We believe art connects people in a special way, no boundaries in its own unique language that should never be lost!

Skillzcard fully supports trusted agencies, we ourselves had the best experience with agents and agencies as artists, and fully agree having one can really help your career boom! That’s why we invite only the best Agencies, Agents and managers to Skillzcard, and inside our platform they have the opportunity to promote their artists, attract other artists and clients to manage and communicate with their talents through Skillzcard.

For some artists/models it’s very important to have a trustful professional who can negotiate the contract, write an invoice, and organise logistics for them. Plus on the other side some companies only book artists through an agent or agency because of insurance and security reasons. therefore they will always be welcome in Skillzcard!

It really depends on what you are using Skillzcard for. It was very important for us to make the free basic membership also with great features such as exporting your profile into zcard.pdf for free once a month, interacting on the social media wall of Skillzcard. And being found on Skillzcard like all other members,  being booked without paying anything to Skillzcard. You literally have nothing to lose!

If you start using Skillzcard for business purposes and want to grow and use your profile for promotions, be informed about all casting and job opportunities, have your own url, use your own calendar to show your availability and use the detailed search then you will need to go as a pro! possible with monthly upgrades or yearly. 

(every pro account also comes with an invoice to take off taxes! bonus!)

Yes, you can update and change your information as many times as you want.

Write us a short email with your name and email address and we will erase your profile for your.

Contact us with this request via email and we will manage it for you.

  • Check for spelling mistakes
  • Make sure there are no hidden spaces before or after the email or invitation code
  • Everything should be written in small letters 
  • Make sure you are using the right email 
  • Your invitation may have expired, contact support@skillzcard.com and we will renew it

You can list it in your Profile, and in the event of any bookings or negotiations it will be handled directly through your agent/agency/manager. We take no commision! and fully support agencies!

We believe all talents are art and think it’s a great opportunity to connect with others from the same or different genres of this business. Also having all your details in one place while on the go is very handy and time efficient.

Being socially present and easily found as an artist, and having the possibility of separating your private media from business is a huge plus for many of our members.

No, it’s for all different areas of the business, including theater, companies, advertising, events, TV, film, teaching, learning, communicating and lots lots more! we continue to grow every day!

We believe that Artists and Art can change the world for the better, there are no boundaries here. Artists profession should be accepted, Full Stop! 

We need to hone our human superskillz by encouraging artistry in younger generations.

What’s the biggest difference between artificial intelligence and us? It’s the feelings, emotions, creative thinking and our ability to dream and realise those dreams.

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