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JERSEY BOYS tells the inspiring story of The Four Seasons and Frankie Valli and the quartet’s journey to become internationally acclaimed chart toppers. celebrated chart toppers with songs like . Sherry*, “Big Girls Don’t Cry, “Let’s Hang on”, “Oh what a night*, _Beggin** and many more.

For the German-language premiere, we are looking for outstanding singers and actors with an excellent sense of rhythm, a precise, four-part vocal technique, and a good sense of the music.

With an excellent sense of rhythm, precise four-part harmony, strong dancing skills and any ethnic background for the following roles:

FRANKIE VALL: Male, 20-35. Outstanding singer/actor with clear, expressive falsetto in the style of Frankie Valli. Lead singer of “The Four Seasons”. Charismatic and charming, raw core with clean image; tenor up to A or B, falsetto up to high G.

TOMMY DEVITO: Male, 30-40. charismatic singer/actor, a born leader with appealing bad-boy quality Player. Leaves the group when he runs up debts with a loan shark. Playing guitar an advantage but not a must. Tenor/baritone

BOB GAUDIO: Male, 20-35. Strong singer/actor, intelligent and sensitive. A musical prodigy, Composer, The youngest and last member to join the group. Tenor/Baritenor

NICK MASSI: Male, 30-40. singer/actor, a quiet dreamer, longs for a life after _The Four Seasons_. Has a good ear for voices and helps Frankie train his signature sound. Strong bass/baritone voice.

GYP DECARLO: Male, 45-55. Very good actor and strong singer. Tough Mafloso type, a gang boss who has Tommy DeVi-to The Four Seasons.

BOB CREWE: Male, 30-40. Intelligent and flamboyant, genius music producer and lyricist. He develops the look and magic of The Four Seasons*

JOE PESCI (Ensemble): Male, 20-35. a superb actor and strong singer, young and energetic. Everyone calls him _Joey.”Good friend of Tommy, Frankie and Nick; introduces them to Bob Gaudio. Also plays a wide variety of other roles. Tenor

BARRY BELSON (Ensemble): Male, 20-49. POC, strong actor and singer, plays a wide variety of roles (friends, producers etc.). Tenor to C and strong falsetto to high G. Tasteful, rhythm-and-blues style “riffing”.

NORM WAXMAN (Ensemble): Male, 30-49. very good actor/singer. A Las Vegas loan shark who gets Tommy in trouble for his debts. Tommy’s debts. Plays other roles as well (friends, producers, etc.). Strong tenor/baritone.

MARY DELGADO (Ensemble): Female, 20-39. strong singer, actress and dancer. Franke’s first wife, tough Italian with a sharp sense of humour. Also plays a variety of other roles, strong high belt. Any ethnicity.

LORRAINE (Ensemble): Female, 20-35. fabulous, versatile actress, singer and dancer with flexible vocal register. Bang tough Jersey girl and journalist, Frankie’s new girlfriend after his divorce. Plays a variety of other roles as well. Strong Belt.

FRANCINE (Ensemble): Female, 20-30. great, versatile actress, singer and dancer with flexible vocal register. Fran-kie’s teenage daughter, dies of a drug overdose. Also plays a variety of other roles. Strong, high belt.

ENSEMBLE: Female, 20-30. versatile dancer, singer and actress with flexible vocal register. Must play a variety of roles (the many girlfriends of “The Four Seasons*, etc.). Should fit well in a 60s girl band. Strong Mix/Belt.

Please prepare the songs and dialogue from the show that will be sent to you with your invitation.

Audition: 6 November 2022 (by invitation only).

Callback: 7 November 2022



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