DIRTY DANCING brings one of the greatest romances in film history to the stage and is a crowd pleaser. Fans just can’t get enough of songs like “Time Of My Life” or “Do You Love Me” and the world-famous love story between the handsome dancer Johnny Castle and the naive teenager Frances “Baby” Houseman.
Passionate dance scenes, rousing songs and the emotional story take the audience back to the summer of 1963, to Kellermann’s resort.
For our production DIRTY DANCING – THE ORIGINAL LIVE ON TOUR we are looking for from mid-January 2023 Actors and dancers for the following roles:
BABY HOUSEMAN, playing age 17. Excellent actress with comic talent and good dancing skills. No singing. Young girl with a big heart and compassion. She develops from a naive and idealistic teenager to a confident woman who enters into a relationship with Johnny and does not shy away from conflict with her family to do so.
JOHNNY CASTLE, playing age 25-35. Excellent dancer and good actor (experience in standard and Latin dance an advantage). No singing. Tall, male-trained figure, attracts attention by his natural charisma. Johnny gets into trouble as a dance instructor at the summer hotel when he falls in love with hotel guest Baby Houseman.
PENNY JOHNSON, playing age 21-30. excellent dancer and acting skills (experience in standard and Latin dancing an advantage). Tall, attractive and passionate dancer. Penny works with Johnny as a dance instructor at the summer hotel.
MARJORIE HOUSEMAN, playing age 30-50. excellent actress with good singing voice (a to c”). Dance skills are an advantage. Intelligent, warm-hearted and pretty wife and mother. Keeps the family together. The role has been greatly expanded compared to the film.
LISA HOUSEMAN, playing age 19. Actress with comic talent, good dancing skills and good singing voice (mezzo/belt with head voice). Baby’s older sister is tall, pretty and extroverted. She likes to flirt and is surprisingly naive despite being very confident around men.
ELISABETH / LEAD SINGER, POC, excellent singer (pop/rock) with very good dance skills, soprano/belt (g to d”). BILLY, playing age 18-25. attractive character actor with comic talent and very good singing voice (pop/rock – tenor). Hotel employee and cousin of Johnny. Becomes friends with Baby. His always good intentions unfortunately often end in chaos.
JAKE HOUSEMAN, age 40-60, excellent actor with a good singing voice. Dancing skills are an advantage. Attractive, charismatic man in his prime with strong moral convictions. Respected doctor, devoted husband and father of Baby and Lisa. The role was expanded compared to the film.
MAX KELLERMANN, playing age 40-60. excellent actor with good singing voice (e to d’) and movement talent. Proud, dignified hotel owner and influential host with high expectations of his staff.
NEIL KELLERMANN, playing age 19- late 20’s. Actor with comic talent, singing and dancing skills. Overeager but lovable grandson of the hotel owner. Always has a desire to prove himself and belong to Johnny and his friends. The role has been expanded compared to the film.
MR. SCHUMACHER, playing age 50-70. good actor with comic talent, singing and dancing skills (experience in standard and Latin dancing an advantage). Likeable, bright regular at the summer hotel. Behind his innocent facade he hides a kleptomaniac tendency.
TITO SUAREZ, playing age 40-70. POC, character actor and excellent singer with talent for movement and good timing. African American conductor of the hotel band. Trusted contact for hotel staff and mentor to Johnny. The role has been expanded from the film. Tenor/high baritone (g to g#”).
VIVIAN PRESSMAN / ENSEMBLE, playing age 30-35. outstanding dancer with acting talent. Elegant, provocative and sensual woman. Has an affair with Johnny and turns against him when she learns of his relationship with Baby. ROBBIE / ENESEMBLE , playing age 20-30, dancer with acting skills. Charming and attractive medical student who waits tables at the summer hotel. Is outwardly the perfect son-in-law, but can also be a reckless and unscrupulous seducer. Put Penny in danger as a result.
FOR THE DANCE ENSEMBLE: EXCELLENT DANCERS, playing ages 20-40. experience with partner dancing and lifts an advantage. Acting or singing background desirable. Auditions: 8./9.8. Hamburg 15./16.8. Cologne 29./30.8. Cologne (callbacks) Rehearsals start: 16.1.2023 Tour: 21.2.2023 until 30.7.2023 Possible extension until 3.9.2023



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